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Combining the timeless charm of retro style with the celestial patterns of stars, our ceiling collection pushes the boundaries of creativity. These star patterns that evoke the magic of starry nights have been revisited and modernized to fit perfectly into a contemporary decor. Each star sparkles with life and invites you to dream big.




Imagine lying in bed, gazing up at the inner heavens, letting yourself be carried away by the beauty of the redrawn constellations. You can now contemplate the stars in all seasons, without having to leave your home. Every evening, you can lose yourself in a universe where the boundary between reality and dream slowly fades.




By choosing our retro stars wallpaper, you will transform your ceiling into a contemporary masterpiece, combining past and present, tradition and innovation. Let yourself be seduced by the revisited retro charm and the modern sparkle of the stars, and give your space a fresh and captivating look.




Don't push the limits of your creativity anymore, invite the stars into your interior with Mlle Mouns Paper and discover a world where the sky has no limits.


  • 1- Select the dimension that corresponds to the measurements of your wall.

    If the measurements do not match, fill out this form ICI and you will receive a quote as soon as possible.

    Strip width 50 cm.

    Matte non-woven wallpaper 195GR

    Easy to paste wallpaper

    Fire resistant wallpaper (Cs1d0)

    Easy to wash wallpaper

    Easy to tear off


    Easy to lay

    Installation: Gluing the wall


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