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These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company of Mlle Mouns Paper whose head office is in Paris, at 8 rue Dupin 75006 Paris, registered in the Paris trade and companies register under the number Siret 5198307400011 below "" and on the other hand, by any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the website


Article 1: object


These conditions of sale are intended to define the contractual relations between Mlle Mouns Paper and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the merchant site "", whether the buyer is professional or consumer. The acquisition of a good or service through this site implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these conditions of sale. These conditions of sale will prevail over any other general or specific conditions not expressly approved through the company of Mlle Mouns Paper. Mlle Mouns Paper reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.


Article 2 - Our services and our products.

• Products from the online store:

MLLE MOUNS PAPER offers customizable stationery items such as wallpapers and paintings. The product sheets describe each of the products sold by Mlle Mouns Paper. The photographs of the products are not contractual. Mlle Mouns Paper would not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of its products.


• The services on our shop include:

- A wide choice of custom wallpaper products.

For the tailor-made service you have the update of the measurements (height and width). Some models have predefined color choices to select when ordering.

After acceptance of the quote and payment by bank transfer. We send by email a BAT in pdf format which is subject to proofreading and validation by the client. If it is necessary to make additional corrections concerning the proof, Mlle Mouns Paper offers 2 possibilities of free modifications after the 3 proposed models, each new model will be invoiced 60 €, in addition to the price of the order. This amount is payable on the online store via a form that we communicate to the customer.

- We take care of the printing control, the enveloping and the sending of the parcel by post.


• The tailor-made service:

Mlle Mouns paper also offers a tailor-made service for any type of wallpaper.


Article 3 - Product Guarantee


Products from the tables category Color specifications for all printed products:

The photographs in the catalog are as faithful as possible but cannot ensure perfect similarity with the product offered, especially with regard to colors. On the other hand, the samples are there to allow the customer to better understand the general appearance of the model, and there may be some slight chromatic differences or cuts between the sample and the final model received by the customer. These differences can in no way give right to the refusal, cancellation or refund of the order by the customer. The products in the wallpaper category are presented with their technical characteristics and under a single reference.

The photos are modifiable at the discretion of the Company, the colors of the photos are not contractual, and may not correspond exactly to the samples sent, the Company cannot be held responsible for these differences due to the quality of the screens. , colors, chemicals and other materials used in our productions may slightly deteriorate over time, in particular due to UV radiation, significant temperature variations, or excess humidity. There may also be occasional variations in shade from one production batch to another, in these cases there is no right of replacement of any kind. In the event of a complaint, the customer must to this effect by attaching any useful document (photo of the product, copy of the delivery slip, etc.) send an email to Claims with the carrier are made by the seller. Mlle Mouns Paper will take the utmost care of your complaint and respond to you as soon as possible. Complaints for defects must be made within eight days of receipt of the products by the end customer.


Article 4– The order and processing times.


The buyer, who wishes to buy a product or service must:

Fill in the identification form on which he will indicate all the contact details requested. You must fill in the table located under each product where it is written "complete the fields below" with all the references of the chosen product (s) (your e-mail, your names, your text with a perfect spelling, your telephone number and your address). Validate your order after having checked it several times. Make the payment under the conditions provided and confirm the order and payment.


The confirmation of the order entails acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge of them and the renunciation of availing oneself of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions. An email will be sent to you following your online payment. Once the customer has validated and paid for his order, (for custom-made wall decorations, the customer must therefore validate the Print Order that Mlle Mouns paper has produced, which entails full acceptance of the printing, measurements and other elements of his model as they are presented on it. Within 7 working days, we send the customer a first pdf model by email serving as BAT This model is subject to its proofreading and validation)

The customer must absolutely check the BAT with the measurements because once validated he will be responsible for launching production.

If the customer has validated the BAT is wrong of measures it will itself be fully responsible. Mlle Mouns paper also takes care of the installation you will have upon receipt of your package a clear diagram to explain the stages of the installation. The products are available for sale as long as they are displayed on the site, however Mlle Mouns Paper reserves the right to modify certain technical characteristics without notice. The products presented on the site or on our various documentation do not constitute a legal offer but a non-contractual catalog, the prices and specifications of which may change at any time.


Article 5 - Modifications

Requests for correction of the Pull to Print, on the part of the client will be qualified by Mlle Mouns Paper as "modification".

The customer has 3 free modification possibilities. Returns will be sent within 2 working days. Each additional model entails a request for payment of € 60 for the creation of a new voucher. For example, changes in font, even a minor change in the initial text of the order, will be qualified as "modification". All the data provided and the confirmation recorded will constitute proof of the transaction. Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of transactions. The seller will send confirmation of the registered final order by email. After validation of the final proof no modification is possible. The manufacture of stationery has already started.

The order is dispatched within 15 working days. It takes 4 days for delivery.


Article 6 - Tariffs

The prices are displayed in euros throughout the shop.

In accordance with article 293B of the General Tax Code, VAT is not applicable to goods and services offered by on the Mlle Mouns paper store. The prices appearing in the catalog are prices before tax in euros. VAT is not applicable on the day of the order; any change in the rate may be reflected in the price of the products or services.

Mlle Mouns paper's business - "" reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood however that the price appearing on the site on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer . The prices indicated do not include the costs of order processing, transport and delivery. These will be added to the total of the order. For deliveries abroad (European Union and Overseas Territories) these will also be added to the total of the order.

Products shipped to the DOM / TOM: the price will be calculated excluding VAT on the invoice. Customs duties or local taxes, import duties or local taxes will be payable. The payment of these taxes and duties remains in all cases the responsibility of the buyer


Article 7 - Payment

As part of an order on our website, the customer has several secure means of payment, by bank card: Carte Bleue, Visa card, Mastercard.

In any case, the customer's bank details are communicated to Mlle Mouns paper. All orders made and paid for on the site must be paid in full. The customer assures Mlle Mouns Paper that he holds the payment authorizations on the credit cards used to pay on our site when ordering.


As part of the tailor-made service, payment is made on the website or by bank transfer. No service will be started without the written confirmation of the quote signed by the customer accompanied by the payment of 50% of the total amount of the quote by bank transfer. The service begins after receipt of the first payment. After your first appointment, you will receive a test resulting from your desires and your style. You then have the package of 3 modifications beyond which you will be invoiced at 10% of the total price.

The sending of the products in printing is done only after the payment of this one. only by credit card


No order can be validated without the acceptance, without reserve or restriction, of the General Conditions of Sale of the site.

All orders will be validated and will take effect after receipt of payment.

Payments will be made via online bank card; in the latter case, they will be carried out using the Stripe secure system which uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.


Article 8 - Delivery

The General Conditions of Sale concerning delivery will be determined by UPS or Fedex. Mlle Mouns Paper would not be held responsible for any claim concerning the delivery, whether it is a delay in delivery, a wrong address, a loss, theft or damage to the Mlle Mouns paper will not be required to keep paid products for the customer but for which a delivery address has not been given or will be false. Mlle Mouns Paper will not be held responsible

of the installation by a third person it is an important step our wallpaper is top of the game you must find an experienced installer.


If delivery could not be made for reasons of accessibility or the absence of a person to receive the products, Mlle Mouns Paper cannot be held responsible. The products returned to Mlle Mouns Paper for delivery error or absence of the recipient will be sent again at the exclusive expense of the customer.

For orders in mainland France and abroad, any customs fees and official declarations remain the responsibility of the customer. Mlle Mouns Paper sends all her parcels by La Poste, in Colissimo Suivi, for all shipments in mainland France. International shipments can be sent using FedEx, TNT, or DHL.

Deliveries are made to the delivery address indicated in the order which can only be in the agreed geographical area. PLEASE NOTE: There can only be one delivery and billing address for an order (even made up of several products).


Article 9 - Time limits

On the date of validation of the order, delivery times will be 15 working days, unless exceptional stock shortage (indicative times)

In the case of the closure of the company for annual holidays, orders will be processed the week of reopening.

Orders are sent to the address indicated on the site by the customer.

Delivery times are given for information only and are in no way contractual.

In accordance with article L.121-20-2 of the consumer code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to goods made up to the specifications requested by the consumer or clearly personalized. Once the proof validated by the Customer, no order can be canceled, refunded or returned. Mlle Mouns would not be held responsible in the event of non-conformity of the coordinates communicated. In the event of re-shipment of the order, following an error in the coordinates indicated, a loss or theft of the package, the costs incurred will be invoiced to the customer.

If the product ordered is made up of several elements, it will be delivered with several strips. The installation is the responsibility of the customer.



Article 10 - Right of withdrawal

As stipulated in article L. 121-20.2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be applied to goods made up to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized.

No right of withdrawal can therefore be applied to custom wallpapers sold on the Mlle Mouns Paper website.


Article 11 - Complaints, returns and refunds

For the wallpaper category, they will not be exchanged or refunded.

We ask the customer for validation by email when sending the last proof in PDF before going on to manufacturing for the wallpapers. Any validation of the BAT by email systematically commits the manufacture of the product without the possibility of modifications thereafter.


Mlle Mouns Paper cannot be held responsible for any errors such as: the choice of colors or even incorrect information provided by the customer (the measurements). If necessary, any reprint will be the responsibility of the customer.


For the categories wallpapers and paintings

Returns are possible for 15 days for standard products only (ready-to-install, postcard & tables). With the exception of any special order (personalized, made-to-measure products). Custom-made products, in particular strip wallpaper, are produced in length on demand (within the limits of manufacturing constraints) which prevents any resumption of these products. Returns must be made in the original packaging and the products must be in good condition for the return to be validated. After checking the returned products, we will credit a credit to the customer's online account. This credit is not refundable, it allows the customer to place a new order of his choice.


- Bad references or incomplete quantities:


In the case of a delivery of products not corresponding in their quantity to the order form, the remainder of the order will be sent to the customer at the expense of Mlle  Mouns Paper.


In the case of delivery of references different from those ordered, the products will be returned at the expense of Mlle Mouns Paper who will order to replace the desired references


• Manufacturing defects


If the customer finds a proven manufacturing defect after validation of the proof: in terms of processing - or even an error selected during the order, he is requested to send directly by email to to report his complaint. Defective products must be returned to the address stipulated in the legal notice.

Any reprinting and shipment following a proven manufacturing defect after validation of the proof and receipt of the order by the customer will be charged to Miss Mouns Paper.


• Damage due to transport


Essential condition for a reimbursement or replacement of goods upon delivery, the customer or his representative must inspect the goods in the presence of the duly authorized transporter. In case of damage (s) due to transport the customer as recipient, must expressly notify the reservations to be made within the time limit set with the carrier, and send a copy to Mlle Mouns Paper who reserves the right to refuse return, refund or replacement of products. Each order is checked and packaged with the utmost care.



Article 12 - Exemption from liability

Mlle Mouns Paper declines all responsibility for the misuse or misuse of the products that the customer has ordered (installation ...). Mlle Mouns Paper is in no way responsible for the consequences resulting from: the storage of products under abnormal conditions or incompatible with their nature, their transformation, non-compliance with installation instructions, abnormal wear and tear from poor maintenance, improper choice of glue for installation, or imperfect installation, non-compliance with installation instructions for non-woven paper, deterioration of products due to water infiltration, impact or use, temperatures or inappropriate humidity levels.


While we strive to present the colors of our products as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee that your computer screen will accurately reflect the color of the products received.



Article 13 - Force majeure and natural disasters

In the event of force majeure, transport strikes, blockades of the roads, natural disasters or impossibility of circulating, Mlle Mouns Paper will not be held responsible for bad delays or absence of delivery.



Article 14 - Intellectual property

All elements of the site The general structure, the texts, images and all the elements composing the website, are protected and fall under French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual and exclusive property of this one.

No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, repost, or use for any reason whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site.

In this context, any reproduction, redistribution or marketing of the content of this site is strictly prohibited.

The same goes for the designs of the creations sold on the Mlle Mouns Paper website. The illustrations and logos produced by Semhoun Cindy for Mlle Mouns Paper are protected by intellectual property subject to French and international law.

Any professional or individual customer who ordered a creation on the Mlle Mouns Paper site admits that the use of the products ordered will remain in a private setting. The customer will be the sole user of these products excluding, in fact, any reproduction or marketing thereof. All the products offered on our site are original works created by Mlle Mouns paper. The possible reproduction of works without agreement of the beneficiary would be a violation of his rights.



Article 15 - Respect for the functioning of the website

In order not to disturb the proper functioning of the site, you prohibit yourself from using any tool, software or script in association with Mlle Mouns Paper. You must not take any action causing the intentional blocking or slowing down of, in particular by blocking, overwriting or modifying the contents displayed or generated by


Mlle Mouns Paper cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as theft or loss of data, unavailability of the service, computer viruses, or any other problem beyond her control.



Article 16 - Personal data

In accordance with the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978, information of a nominative nature relating to buyers may be subject to automated processing.

Mlle Mouns Paper's company - "" reserves the right to collect information on buyers - CNIL declaration n ° 1538762 v 0 - including using cookies, and, if it wishes, to transmit the collected information to business partners. You can deactivate or restrict the use of these cookies by modifying the corresponding parameters in your browser. We draw your attention to the fact that by deactivating cookies, certain site functionalities may be unavailable.

Buyers may object to the disclosure of their contact details by notifying the Company of Mlle Mouns  Paper- "". Similarly, users have a right of access and rectification of data concerning them, in accordance with the law of January 6, 1978.


Article 17 - Archiving - Proof

Mlle Mouns Paper's business - "" will archive purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable medium constituting a true copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1348 of the Civil Code.

The computerized registers of Mlle Mouns' company - "" will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.


Article 18 - Application of the General Conditions of Sale

The customer declares to adhere to it without reservation or restriction, to each of his orders. Any sale made without the customer's acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale is impossible.

Occasionally, Mlle Mouns Paper may have to update its General Conditions of Sale. This update will be posted on the website as well as in trade. The changes made are questionable from their update on the site and can not apply to orders that precede the date of online posting thereof. These General Conditions of Sale are subject to the application of French law. In case of dispute, the buyer will first contact Mlle Mouns Paper to establish an amicable solution.


Article 19 - Settlement of disputes

These online sales conditions are subject to French law, the courts of Paris have sole jurisdiction to deal with any disputes that arise from an order placed with Mlle Mouns Paper via its website or by any other means; and any possible dispute arising from the use of the site, a more general problem relating to the Mlle Mouns Paper brand or a claim arising from the law of the works used in our ranges.


We reserve the right to change these terms of sale from time to time and please refer to them each time you place an order.






Mlle Mouns Paper's Business - ""

Headquarters: 8 rue Dupin, 75006 Paris- France

Siret number: 5198307400011


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