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How to apply wallpaper? Our wallpaper is easy to install. You need a cutter, a squeegee, a sponge, non-woven wallpaper glue, a sticking brush, a bucket and a ladder.

Prepare your wall: the non-woven wallpaper is resistant and can hide the surface defects of the walls. However, the wall must be clean, dry and smooth and of uniform color, preferably white. Remember to remove everything that is fixed to the wall (sockets, lamps, switches ...).


Dilute the special adhesive for non-woven wallpaper (brand example: Sader, Quelyd, Metylan) in a bucket with water, following the manufacturer's instructions. Spread the glue with the brush to be glued evenly over a portion of the wall slightly larger than that of the paper.


Laying the strip: unless otherwise instructed, the installation is done from left to right, starting at the top for the wallpapers, for the wall decorations from top to bottom. The strips are numbered, they are to be laid edge to edge and therefore do not require a double cut. (For decorations with dark colors it is advisable to put dark paint at the level of the fittings.) We will send you with your package an instruction manual with a very detailed diagram, don't worry!


Once well positioned, smooth the surface with the squeegee to remove excess glue and air bubbles. Ensure the connection of any patterns, always taking care to position them edge to edge. It is possible to slightly slide the strip immediately after laying to join the two edges and it is necessary to use the roller. Between each installation, smooth the surface with the squeegee to remove excess glue and air bubbles.


Cut off the excess at the plinth at the end, using the squeegee and the cutter.


To peel off the wallpaper: this non-woven wallpaper is easy to remove when dry and leaves no traces or residue.

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