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Semhoun cindy


Illustrations & design
Each visual is illustrated by © MlleMouns

Mlle Mouns Paper

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In this context, any reproduction, redistribution or marketing of the content of this site is strictly prohibited.

The same goes for the designs of the creations sold on the Mlle Mouns Paper site. The illustrations and logos produced by Semhoun Cindy for Miss Mouns are protected by intellectual property subject to French and international law.

Any professional or individual customer who ordered a creation on the Mlle Mouns site admits that the use of the products ordered will remain in a private setting. The customer will be the sole user of these products excluding, in fact, any reproduction or marketing thereof.


If you wish to write an article about Mlle Mouns Paper, please contact me by email
All visuals used must be followed by © Mlle mouns




To my brother and my sister, for the support and the motivation.

To my grandmother, for her eternal love.

To my dear sister Sandra, who helped me believe in my dreams.

To Jordan, for his manic motivation;)

To my chifohita Sista for her smile and her positive energy.

To my Jude, for his humor !!!!!!!!!

Finally, to my parents who helped me achieve each of my goals and guide me so that I can flourish. I owe them a lot and I love them very much.

You are my stars in my universe.

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