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Discover the magic that descends from the sky with our latest masterpiece in interior decoration: the "Plant Radiance" ceiling wallpaper. Transform your space into a hanging garden where elegance and nature blend in perfect harmony.

Exquisite vines gracefully dance along the lines of the ceiling, creating a visual symphony of organic forms. Their fluid trajectory and delicate twist add a dynamic dimension to the space, capturing the feeling of perpetual motion.

Lavish blooms dot the creeper path, providing a dazzling array of colors that will instantly brighten up the room. From velvety roses in soft tones to vibrant orchids bursting with life, each flower seems to capture the very essence of nature.

Light plays an essential role in enhancing this wallpaper. As the sun's rays filter through the windows, they illuminate the details of the leaves and petals, creating a play of light and shadow that evokes an enchanting forest atop the vault.

Imagine lying down and contemplating this dreamlike ceiling, letting your mind escape in the middle of this dreamy garden. Whether in a living room, a veranda or even a bedroom, the "Eclat Végétal" wallpaper will bring a feeling of tranquility and connection with nature, offering you a refuge in the heart of the daily hustle and bustle.

Bring a touch of rugged beauty to your living space with our ceiling light wallpaper. Let yourself be carried away by the softness of the vines and the splendor of the flowers, and create a place where the ceiling becomes the sky of an enchanting world."


  • 1- Select the dimension that corresponds to the measurements of your wall.

    If the measurements do not match, fill out this form ICI and you will receive a quote as soon as possible.

    Strip width 50 cm.

    Matte non-woven wallpaper 195GR

    Easy to paste wallpaper

    Fire resistant wallpaper (Cs1d0)

    Easy to wash wallpaper

    Easy to tear off


    Easy to lay

    Installation: Gluing the wall


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