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1 - Choose your background color.

2 - dimension Select the dimension_cc781905-5cde-3194-6_badcf58that correspond to the measurements of your wall.

If the measurements do not match, fill out this formHEREand you will receive a quote as soon as possible.

Our strips are 50 cm wide. For 200 cm you have 4 strips of 50cm.


PriceFrom €2.50
  • This wallpaper is a true work of art that combines nature and abstraction to create a decor that is both peaceful and dynamic. With its flight of birds crossing the graphic wave-shaped background, this wallpaper will bring a touch of poetry and movement to any room.

    The birds, with their outstretched wings, seem to take flight and head for new horizons, while the graphic waves recall the perpetual movement of water, bringing a sense of serenity to the whole.

    The wave-like graphic strokes have been precision-crafted to bring a contemporary touch to this organic design. They give the impression of sinuous waves and soft curves that invite you to relax.

    This wallpaper is ideal for a bedroom, living room or bathroom. It can also be used to add a touch of nature and movement to a more formal space like an office or dining room.

    In summary, this wallpaper is a true masterpiece that will bring life and energy to any room. With its majestic birds and graphic wave-like background, it is sure to capture attention and create a unique and inspiring atmosphere.

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